Writing Challenge – Day 7 – Start (Ugly)

I think Ugly is a better header for today’s challenge. It’s definitely a, make you pick your head up and look twice, kind of heading. But the point is to start. Because without starting something, even though it’s in bits and pieces and ugly, you’ll never get to anywhere beautiful.

Now that is inspiring and encouraging to me.

I’m taking this as an encouragement and a refreshment in attitude towards a piece that I’ve been working on yet it’s all in peices. It’s getting long and I have no idea how to piece it together. I have the beginning, ending and some of the middle. I even have 500 words of a part that after consideration, doesn’t seem to fit in at all. So, I’m going to commit to seeking out piecing this thing together. I’ll look forward to updating you once I’m done.

In the meantime… click here for a short thought on Ugly.

Oh, and a few days back I skipped a few days in these postings…

As I’ve been processing things in this challenge I’ve given myself permission to enjoy the days that I’ve posted without the pressure to “do it all”. When that pressure starts happening the fun and growth and joy in it seems to quickly dampen and that’s just no good. So, I’m incorporating those days in the challenge into my overall posture and just moving ahead and enjoying the view from where I am. (This is not as easy as it sounds but it is oh so refreshing!)

Chat soon!


Writing Challenge Day 6 – Steal

So day 6 is Steal. Funny enough when I was reading the post itself a paragraph stuck out to me and I was already thinking of posting it somewhere. So when I saw that the challenge was to “steal” something I thought, sure enough, I’ll just steal this.

So I’ve taken two things that inspired this:

“Sometimes, we don’t even realize we do this, but we all do it. Great artists borrow from other artists. They meld together pieces of the chaotic mess we all call life, and they end up with a whole new creation.” –Jeff Goins


till we have faces

Those two things above (quote and photos) together for me inspired this below…

“Swirling around her as she spun she saw the bits and pieces of her life flying by like sparkles floating in water.

Her mother, her father, brother, sister. Strands of her life.

Her loves, losses, laughter, cries echoing, making a song.

Her decisions to act, the times she didn’t but should have, the times she cared and the times she cared less.

Her failures, her achievements. Her dreams.

It all together swirled up and made this object in the middle.

It made up her.”

photo above by Karen Huber