Weekly Photo Challenge – UP

It’s so fun the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is UP.

In Ireland it’s easy to spend a lot of time looking down. Protecting ourselves from the elements is vital. Shielding our eyes from the rain and blasting wind is paramount, especially when it’s too windy for an umbrella (which is more often than not!).

So on those days where the rain and wind are quiet and the sun peeks through we all look UP. We look up and soak in that precious shine, and heat, and vitamin D. And it’s good!

We look UP, soak in the light, and everything feels a bit brighter.

April Sun


Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

I’m a bit late to the game this week due to some wonderful holiday time with the fam! More pics on that later.

This week’s theme is Geometry. I’ve been mulling over what to post here. Looking through my photos, I’ve realised that I’m not one for geometry in my photography. I like bends and swirls, off centres and odds. That being said, I did find some lovely photos.

These all come from a trip to Malta I took in 2010. It’s a beautiful island. It was February and it was warm! If you’ve read anything from me before you’ll know that I crave warmth.  Hope you enjoy seeing a few pieces of Maltese Geometry.


Glass shards for adding colour at a glass making factory.


Cathedral Clock Tower


Narrow Walkway

I love the shapes that the walkway and signs create. The blue sky adding colour to the sandy brown that is everywhere in Malta.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

When I saw the challenge this week I got excited. I love pretty much anything to do with foreign.

The more I’ve been thinking about it the more I’ve realised that this is what strikes me as foreign right now:

Foreign Heat

Deep blue, cloudless skies. Warm enough to jump into a pool and not be cold, heat.

My summer ended on July 8. This was the day we got back from a heat sizzling trip to the States. It was not heat sizzling here. It was not sunny here. It was not summer, but it was July.

Today was the first time I saw the sun all week. I sat in it for a while. Yesterday it was so grey I had to have my lights on in the house all day. Until December 21 darkness will keep coming.

So today I will think about the sun and heat of this day. And this day…



When We Were Warm.