The Writing Room – The Drafts

I’m fortunate enough to have a space available to devote to work in my house. It was formerly a basically unused office that became full of things over time (anyone know what I mean?). Recently I started to make it mine. I want the space to be light and airy and have bright pops of colour with some quirky touches. It’s not there yet but I’ve started. It’s the first draft so to speak. So this week for The Drafts I thought I’d give you a picture of this working draft. I’ll update as I progress if anyone is interested (and probably even if no one is.) Whether it’s a first draft of a writing piece, an unedited photo, or a room, it’s always fun to see before and after shots.

Becoming white

Becoming white

The room was formerly a greyish blue. It was soothing, but for me it was too cool. With all the grey outside I need things to be bright and I’m in love with the idea of bright splashes of colour. The above photo is after the first coat of white paint. It will need at least one more coat, maybe two.

Sky blue

Sky blue ceiling

I’m pretty excited about the ceiling. I’ve never painted a ceiling before. I’ve seen photos and read up on how dark ceilings can bring a big room down (no problem with that situation here) and light ceilings can lift small spaces. I thought it would be pretty cool if I could make the ceiling look like the sky. I picked a really light sky blue. (The actual name!) and went for it. I’m really happy how it’s turned out. When the light hits it it gets lighter and the hues look like a morning sky. Big smile here! 😀

The scallop design on the walls is a reflection from the ugly lamp shade in the centre of the room. It needs to go even though the reflection is kind of fun.

So there you have it. A peek into my writing room. It’ll take me a few weeks to get it in working order but I’ll put up some more pics once I do.


Today I Will Write For Myself – The Drafts

Monday, Monday, Monday.

Here are some thoughts to start your day.

I wrote this last night in pen. I finished the last line this morning when I woke up.

“Today I will write for myself. If the world happens to look over my shoulder and see it, I will smile, for I have friends. And if no one ever sees or knows of its existence, I will also smile, because with words, I am never alone.”

I hope that there is something that speaks to you similarly in your own life. If there is, or if there isn’t, tell me about it. Leave a comment and we’ll have a chat.

The Drafts

As promised, today starts the beginning of The Drafts.

My Part: Each Monday I will post a piece of my own that is a work in progress. Sometimes it will be a new piece, sometimes it will be a new edit of an existing piece.

Your Part: Read it and comment. What stood out to you? Where was it hard to follow? Could you identify with the characters? Where did you just not buy it? You get the picture.