Weekly Photo Challenge – Color

Colour. Color. No matter where you live or how you spell it, colour is what gives our surroundings oomph, sparkle, and delight.

I’m so glad I can see colour. I’m so thankful there is color in this world for us to see.

In February I was fortunate to be able to visit Malta for a Creative’s Retreat. We spent time together creating and sharing our art. It was really great to have artist’s from different mediums together. It enhanced and challenged my thinking and perspective.

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea south west of Italy. It’s an independent country and part of the EU. It feels like no where else I’ve been in the Europe. With multiple European and North African influences, the palette of Malta reflects all these cultures with beautiful mixes of boldness and subtlety. Sandstone, the most common stone, and used in many buildings, is a beautiful BLOND, TAN colour. It’s very different from the damp GREY stone so commonly seen in Ireland. There are also bright bursts of color in doorways, windows, walls and a miscellany of other things.  The Sea was so BLUE and the fields were already blooming GREEN.When we arrived these colours struck me. It felt bright (and warm!). It’s the sunniest place in the European Union and you could feel it. A welcome change from the freezing temps we’d been experiencing in Ireland

We soaked up the sun and the change of scenery.

Each day we had contrasting word themes to inspire us as we went around and experienced the islands (Malta and Gozo). There was writing, photography, painting and inspiration. There are more things to share about this experience than I will be able to here. But here’s a few more:

Eventually the week ended and we flew home to Ireland. I found it striking how several of us, at different moments, individually commented as we looked out the window at our own very, GREY, yet very, GREEN country, and said “What would we do without the green?!” and “At least we have all this green.”

Sometimes it only takes a few days to make you appreciate something you forget to see.

Beautiful Home

Beautiful Home


Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

I’m a bit late to the game this week due to some wonderful holiday time with the fam! More pics on that later.

This week’s theme is Geometry. I’ve been mulling over what to post here. Looking through my photos, I’ve realised that I’m not one for geometry in my photography. I like bends and swirls, off centres and odds. That being said, I did find some lovely photos.

These all come from a trip to Malta I took in 2010. It’s a beautiful island. It was February and it was warm! If you’ve read anything from me before you’ll know that I crave warmth.  Hope you enjoy seeing a few pieces of Maltese Geometry.


Glass shards for adding colour at a glass making factory.


Cathedral Clock Tower


Narrow Walkway

I love the shapes that the walkway and signs create. The blue sky adding colour to the sandy brown that is everywhere in Malta.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.