Isn’t it interesting how things can change when we look at them with a new perspective?!Perspectives

Each year brings with it new goals; some new dreams and desires. Each year that passes also gives us new perspectives. Some are of those are positive things, some are skeptical and some even negative. What I hope for this year for myself and for all of us is that we gain more perspective on who we TRULY are.

That we be ourselves…

Laugh uninhibited…

Cry freely when we are sad…

Forgive ourselves when we mess up, or fail at our goals… (because, yes, it’s gonna happen!)

Forgive others when they mess up and fail… (because, yes, that’s gonna happen too!)

And that we take more time to…

Spend more time with the people we love.

Doing the things we love.

What do you think?

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Love Gone Wrong – The Drafts

It’s time again for The Drafts.

Your part: Read the draft. What works? What doesn’t work? What do you like? What do you dislike?

My part: I will share a draft, a piece in progress, with you and I will listen to what you have to say about it.

This week I have a poem to share with you. It came from several years ago during a hard time. It’s never seen the light of day until now.

Love Gone Wrong

Trying so hard to love so right,

Yearning so hard to be loved so right,

It all went wrong somewhere.

This love, this trust, this care.

So caught up in self, yet thinking it good,

as if looking through a window

to find it’s only a mirror.

What If…

What if freedom meant our enemies also had freedom?

What if the freedom of your thoughts and beliefs meant those you oppose got their voice?

What if we protected others freedom’s to protect our own?

What would the world, the place around you, look like?  What kind of world would our children experience? How would it be?

This came up at a talk I attended this week. It’s very challenging stuff. I mean, It’s very challenging stuff!! It’s been on my mind since then. It’s something we all ought to think about.

It’s beautiful to think about someone being a champion of freedom, even if that means someone else’s  freedom on a position that you don’t prefer. I find myself marvelling at the thought. It’s beauty incarnate. Inclusive selflessness. It reminds me of this…

Egyptian Christians formed a human chain to protect Muslims while they prayed.

They didn’t suddenly believe in each others ideologies, faith, or practices. They believed in a fundamental humanness, and worth.

Humanity and Love won out that day. Differences stepped aside. Beauty spoke out loud.

People listened. People noticed.

I find myself wondering if this may be the most powerful way to be heard.

The issues are complex. They are scary. They come with a price.

But things like this always are. So, I ask, what if…


I believe in beginnings.

I believe in love,

I believe in hate,

I believe in satisfaction,

I believe in greed,

I believe in light,

I believe in darkness,

I believe in more,

I believe in less,

I believe in beauty,

I believe in ugliness,

I believe in hope,

I believe in destruction,

I believe in dreams,

I believe in failures,

I believe in rest,

I believe in turmoil,

I believe in life,

I believe in death,

I believe in truth,

I believe in lies,

I believe in fullness,

I believe in loss,

I believe in best effort,

I believe in deceit,

I believe in heat,

I believe in coldness,

I believe in more,

I believe in less,

I believe in endings.

-Stacey Covell