Writing Challenge Day 1

So here we go…..

Writer I am a. I am a writer. Am a writer I. A Writer I am. 

No matter how much I put it away. Either from sheer laziness, or from having babies, or from tiredness or tragedy at the end of the day I still can’t forget about it. My husband says that I’m more alive when I’m writing. It’s true. I’m a more complete person. A better person. The ways that I can express myself when I write are so much…more. More than when I communicate in any other way. Except maybe in feeling, but how do you really communicate in feeling anyway?!

So. Here I go today with this writing challenge as a way to be held accountable to writing and as a way to kick start what I already have going. I think that I can do it but I’m afraid of where it might take me and the work that it takes (although once I start it, it feels like breathing the freshest air!)

I am a writer.

A writer I am.

Am a writer I.

Writer I am a.

Now that makes me smile. =)