Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

When I saw the challenge this week I got excited. I love pretty much anything to do with foreign.

The more I’ve been thinking about it the more I’ve realised that this is what strikes me as foreign right now:

Foreign Heat

Deep blue, cloudless skies. Warm enough to jump into a pool and not be cold, heat.

My summer ended on July 8. This was the day we got back from a heat sizzling trip to the States. It was not heat sizzling here. It was not sunny here. It was not summer, but it was July.

Today was the first time I saw the sun all week. I sat in it for a while. Yesterday it was so grey I had to have my lights on in the house all day. Until December 21 darkness will keep coming.

So today I will think about the sun and heat of this day. And this day…



When We Were Warm.