Strange Night Sounds

We were sitting in our holiday house watching TV. I started to hear strange sounds outside. My ears perked up, I looked around. Nothing. I sat back in my chair. A moment later, more rustling, more sounds. Do I hear the doorknob rattling? “Mute the TV!” I say, whispering.

All my night time fears at this moment seem to be coming true. My heart is beating hard. My husband mutes the TV. Silence, we sit listening. We peek warily out the window (that has no blinds and is ominously exposing us to the darkness.) Nothing. We hear a few kids laughing in the distance. “Ah, it’s just kids hanging out down the road. It’s nothing.” He tries to reassure me. After a moment, it seems this is the case. Ok…I guess it was nothing…We go back to watching TV.

Hours pass. We turn off the lights, check the kids sleeping in their beds, go upstairs, and get ready for bed. It’s nearly midnight. And then….the doorbell rings! Who would ring the bell at this time of night at a holiday house? My husband doesn’t hear it. I go peek out the window from a dark room. I see a shadow of a man walking across the road, through the grass towards our house. The doorbell rings again. Ding-dong!

My husband hears it and goes downstairs. “Who is it?” he asks through the door. (I’m so glad he has a deep voice right now.) I grab my sons ninja sword, ready to protect my children and family in the darkness of the strange night sounds.

But there’s nothing. My husband cracks open the door. My fight reflex is in full swing, both of us preparing for anything to happen on the other side of that door. And then we see it. Our nice little pumpkin sitting on the porch, waiting to be carved is now sitting there, smiling at us. And he left a note…

Hi dear friends,
I’m Patrick and I was sent from Larient (France) to celebrate Halloween with you.
I hope showing up will give you a little fun. Here’s wishing you a horrible Halloween, and remember, it doesn’t take much to make you happy.
PS If this isn’t lit up on the 31st of October, it will light itself up!

If you hear strange night sounds tonight maybe it’s just Patrick.

Happy Halloween!! From Patrick!