The Writing Room (continued…)- The Drafts

Well, after 4 (yes! FOUR!) coats of paint, the job is done! The walls are now white and I’ve spent part of yesterday and today making the space functional. It’s taking shape as I imagined it. There’s still organising and adjusting to do but the hardest part of the project is behind me.

The Writing Room

The Writing Room

There are a few more things I am excited to share about this space but that will have to wait for now…

I’ll be seeing you in The Writing Room from now on.


I Need A Name – The Drafts

The DraftsI’ll be honest. I’ve been having a hard time lately. It seems when there are certain challenges going on in my life I find other things that normally are very enjoyable to me, overwhelming. This is where I’ve been at with posting lately.

But by no means are things here, or YOU, forgotten!

So, back to The Drafts.

On a very happy note, I’ve submitted a short story to two journals. Now I will wait the 11-12 weeks to hear a reply. Since it’s the first I’ve done this I’m holding things very loosely. Mostly I needed to do it to have the experience of submitting a creation of mine for unknown eyes to read (and evaluate). That’s worth a lot to me no matter what the outcome!

Today I’m going to share the opening of a short story I’m working on. It’s very new and it’s already been causing me a lot of tension. I’m hoping that’s because it’s going to be important. Again, time and putting in the effort will tell. 

It still needs a name. Leave a comment giving your suggestions! It will be a challenge with just this little peek but that will make it all the more fun!

Also, tell me what you see when you read it. What do you imagine the main character to be like? What does the apartment look like? Where do you think the story is headed?


He didn’t need anyone to lay next to him most nights. His heart was full. It didn’t matter if she was near or far. It didn’t even matter that she didn’t know this. He loved her. And each day of doing that was enough to fill him for the next. Sarah was the most beautiful creature. She was strong and virulent. She felt things greatly and inside out she was wonderful. There was nothing about her Luck didn’t love. Each day with her made him a better person; more whole, more complete. He would never forget the day he met her. She’s been walking down the road. He’d been walking down the road at the same time and came upon her since he’d been walking faster than her. They both turned to go into the coffee shop to their left. She’d gotten to the door first and was attempting to open it. He’d been able to reach out and hold the door for her.

“Well, aren’t you the Renaissance man. It’s not like I need you to do that for me or anything,” she’d said. He had smiled and she walked right through the open door.

That day had changed everything for him. Was it love at first sight? He wasn’t sure. But he was sure he was now different now. It was at that moment that he’d felt himself start to become more himself. His true self, there all along, but had lain stagnant since the times he’d had to set it aside to survive. Sarah was fire. Or better put, she was the heat source.

Stretching Luck got out of bed, pushed the curtains open and opened every window in the apartment. He loved morning air. It was the first air, the freshest air. Humming along as he went, he showered, dressed.

“What the hell Luck!”, His roommate said coming into the kitchen, “It’s freezing in here! Close some of those damn windows!”

“Don’t you just love the first air in the morning?”

Ooooh No!” We are NOT having this conversation again! Close the damn windows before we all freeze to death!” James said as the door to the bathroom closed behind him.

Making some toast for himself he took in the sun streaming in the windows. It wasn’t sunny everyday but when it was the apartment lit up inside. It was sunny the day he’d viewed the apartment and was probably the main reason he’d bought it. He finished his toast and then for James’ sake, he closed the windows. All but the one right outside the bathroom door.


Talk to me in the comments!

See you there!

The Writing Room – The Drafts

I’m fortunate enough to have a space available to devote to work in my house. It was formerly a basically unused office that became full of things over time (anyone know what I mean?). Recently I started to make it mine. I want the space to be light and airy and have bright pops of colour with some quirky touches. It’s not there yet but I’ve started. It’s the first draft so to speak. So this week for The Drafts I thought I’d give you a picture of this working draft. I’ll update as I progress if anyone is interested (and probably even if no one is.) Whether it’s a first draft of a writing piece, an unedited photo, or a room, it’s always fun to see before and after shots.

Becoming white

Becoming white

The room was formerly a greyish blue. It was soothing, but for me it was too cool. With all the grey outside I need things to be bright and I’m in love with the idea of bright splashes of colour. The above photo is after the first coat of white paint. It will need at least one more coat, maybe two.

Sky blue

Sky blue ceiling

I’m pretty excited about the ceiling. I’ve never painted a ceiling before. I’ve seen photos and read up on how dark ceilings can bring a big room down (no problem with that situation here) and light ceilings can lift small spaces. I thought it would be pretty cool if I could make the ceiling look like the sky. I picked a really light sky blue. (The actual name!) and went for it. I’m really happy how it’s turned out. When the light hits it it gets lighter and the hues look like a morning sky. Big smile here! 😀

The scallop design on the walls is a reflection from the ugly lamp shade in the centre of the room. It needs to go even though the reflection is kind of fun.

So there you have it. A peek into my writing room. It’ll take me a few weeks to get it in working order but I’ll put up some more pics once I do.

Today I Will Write For Myself – The Drafts

Monday, Monday, Monday.

Here are some thoughts to start your day.

I wrote this last night in pen. I finished the last line this morning when I woke up.

“Today I will write for myself. If the world happens to look over my shoulder and see it, I will smile, for I have friends. And if no one ever sees or knows of its existence, I will also smile, because with words, I am never alone.”

I hope that there is something that speaks to you similarly in your own life. If there is, or if there isn’t, tell me about it. Leave a comment and we’ll have a chat.

Epic – The Drafts

The Drafts I have some exciting things planned for this week. Now that the major writing project I’ve been working on is coming to a close I am excited about what’s ahead.

It’s time for The Drafts again this cold wintry morning. There is snow on the ground in Dublin. It’s a rare event here. People have mixed feelings, most of which are not happy ones. Me. I find the snow for this native US Midwesterner warming. It’s ironic, I know. I’ve been smiling about that all morning. =)

In honour of the snow I have some micro fiction for you today.

It’s also to go along with an interview on brevity with the person who introduced me to flash  and micro fiction. It’s going to be a good week! Stay tuned! For now…



She’d been happy to walk in the only snow of the year. Then one step changed everything. As she could now see her feet above her head, she knew she was going to come down hard. It was an epic fall. And everyone but her remembered it. The 2013 snow and subsequent fall forever erased from her mind.


I keep debating about whether to keep or take out the last sentence. Is it stronger without? With? Share your thoughts on this or whatever else is on your mind this morning.

Chat soon.


The Denial – The Drafts

The Denial

He wore a turban on his head even though he was an Episcopalian. He just liked the feel of it and the assumption there was long hair hidden inside. In reality his scalp was sore from the large amounts of glue he had to use daily to make his denial look otherwise.


Happy New Year everyone! It’s been pretty quiet around here but I’m ready to start kicking up some noise. Hold me to that!

This weeks Drafts is a piece that I’ve had ruminating for a while. Frankly, I’ve felt nervous to share it. But today is Monday and I’ve been making a point to be less self censoring, (even if that means causing a stir sometimes) so I decided to go for it. A small step. But hey, everybody has to take their first steps before they start running.

Hope you’ve been enjoying your new year so far! Chat soon!

Just Be – The Drafts

Would you believe that we haven’t had a Monday it two weeks? 😉 Okay, maybe not.

It is Monday and it is time for another edition of The Drafts. This week I’ve pulled something out from waaaay back when.

There was no title so “Just Be” is new. What do you think? I was also thinking about this title: “To Be Profound” or perhaps “To Be.”

Remember: The Drafts are all about works in progress. Please chime in with your perspective, insights, understandings, thoughts on improvements or better communication.

The Drafts


Just Be

Profundity becomes

Light of things desired

Less come

To those who seek

Forget that in

Pure simplicity

The profound

Of all, takes its peak.

To be profound

Neglect the desired

Just be.

The Karate Worm: His Worst Nightmare and His Best Dream – The Drafts

Today is my youngest’s 8th birthday. In honour of him and since Monday is The Drafts, I’m posting a story he recently wrote himself:

The Karate Worm: His Worst Nightmare and His Best Dream

Once upon a time there lived a worm. He was no ordinary worm. He was a karate worm.

A germ was walking and a cockroach ate him.

(I know you think the karate worm should be first, but he’s the third one.)

The cockroach was walking and a karate worm ate him.

The karate worm was walking and a bird ate him.

The bird was walking and a cat ate him.

The cat was walking and a dog ate him.

The dog was walking and a wolf ate him.

The wolf was walking and a tiger ate him.

The tiger was walking and a lion ate him.

The lion was walking and a giraffe ate him.

The giraffe was walking and an elephant ate him.

The elephant was walking and a whale ate him.

The whale was walking and ran into a worm.

The worm killed everybody except the karate worm, because he missed his best friend.

Every worm in the world came to the welcome back party.


By E. Covell

I Want To Say I’m Sorry – The Drafts

My Part: Each Monday I will post a piece of my own that is a work in progress. Sometimes it will be a new piece, sometimes it will be a new edit of an existing piece.

Your Part: Read it and comment. What stood out to you? Did this make an impact on you?Where was it hard to follow? Could you identify with the characters? Where did you just not buy it? Your feedback (even when it’s not easy to say or to hear) helps me be a better writer!

I Want To Say I’m Sorry

I want to say I’m sorry.

To the hurt. To those I’ve hurt. To those I’ve broken.

To the shunned, the forgotten, rejected.

To those dismissed.

You know who you are.

I want to say I’m sorry for the things I have done.

Because not enough people say it.

I’m sorry I told you that I didn’t like you any more.

I’m sorry I treated you as if you were unimportant.

I’m sorry I hurt you,

that I forgot,

and those other times that I didn’t when I could have chosen to.

I’m sorry someone told you your failure cancelled all the wonderful ways you made a difference.

I’m sorry someone wouldn’t let you be yourself and said you aren’t good enough.

I’m sorry that in your courage to be open, they told you they couldn’t love you anymore.

I’m sorry that love for one has often sacrificed love for another.

I’m sorry for the times the name of love has been used as an excuse to hate.

I’m sorry I didn’t do more, defend more, speak up more.

I’m sorry I treated my own fears as if they were your issues to resolve.

I’m sorry I try to change you when I really need to be trying to change myself.

I’m sorry too, that the person who needs to apologise to you isn’t here.

I’ll be here now, You put on the face you need me to be.

Because not enough people say it.

Because you need it. Because I need it.

I’m here to say, I’m sorry.