Serviettes, Craic, Trolleys and Sessions

photo credit: Sheryl McElwee

It’s not something I’ve written about in too much detail up to now, but I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently over at MOVE Guides on what it’s like to move abroad and live cross culturally. (Thanks Stephanie!) Here’s your chance to learn a little more about me and my experiences moving abroad and living cross culturally. Go on, I know you want to find out more…;-)  Here it is: An American Moves to Dublin

Bonus points if you can tell me what the four title words mean! (No Googling allowed! 😉 )


Love, Money, and Christmas Trees

I’m happy to be guest posting over at smallfishbigpond today.

I hope you go visit and check it out.

It’s a great story about love, money, and christmas trees.

And say hello to Saskia while you’re there. She’s great!

‘Til next time…Have a great weekend!