Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

Living in Ireland,The Golden Hour can be hard to come by this time of year.On the longest day, 21 June, the sun rises at 4:57am and sets at 9:57 pm. The light around those times lasts…and lasts…After sunset, you can see light on the horizon into the early hours of the morning and soon enough, it starts all over again.

Last night I was at an arts event here in Dublin, Flight of Ideas, and caught this image as the sun was setting (before I knew of this week’s Photo Challenge). I love the criss-cross of hard and soft lines and in the same vein, the smoothness of light to darkness in the sky.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

      • Dublin had its own style of arty coolness going on way back then, I bet it is even better these days. I lived in London for two years and eventually made my way over to Dublin, sorry to say I wished I had more time to explore the rest of your beautiful country.

      • I love how you describe it! Yes, I’d say that it definitely has a high arty coolness to it. =) I’ve been fortunate enough to be living here for the past ten years. This past year I’ve really been getting involved in the arts community here. It’s a rich place, full of talent and creativity.
        How great you got to live in London for a couple years! Living abroad isn’t for everyone but for everyone who does it, it can be so enriching!

      • It made me who I am, having the chance to adventure out across the sea to many countries gave me an appreciation of human cultures in their diversity. I learned about myself along the way and that the world is truly a wonderful place.

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