Epic – The Drafts

The Drafts I have some exciting things planned for this week. Now that the major writing project I’ve been working on is coming to a close I am excited about what’s ahead.

It’s time for The Drafts again this cold wintry morning. There is snow on the ground in Dublin. It’s a rare event here. People have mixed feelings, most of which are not happy ones. Me. I find the snow for this native US Midwesterner warming. It’s ironic, I know. I’ve been smiling about that all morning. =)

In honour of the snow I have some micro fiction for you today.

It’s also to go along with an interview on brevity with the person who introduced me to flash  and micro fiction. It’s going to be a good week! Stay tuned! For now…



She’d been happy to walk in the only snow of the year. Then one step changed everything. As she could now see her feet above her head, she knew she was going to come down hard. It was an epic fall. And everyone but her remembered it. The 2013 snow and subsequent fall forever erased from her mind.


I keep debating about whether to keep or take out the last sentence. Is it stronger without? With? Share your thoughts on this or whatever else is on your mind this morning.

Chat soon.



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