Tribe Writers

This blog isn’t one to promote every little thing that presents itself. But once in a while something is worth mentioning. Tribe Writers is one of them.

I just completed the pioneer course run. It was 8 weeks that has already impacted my life greatly and put me on a great upwards trajectory.

If you are a writer who is wanting build an audience…

If you are a writer who is struggling with finding your voice or knowing what you want to write about…

If you are a writer who wants to expand the reach you already have…

Tribe Writers is the next step. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or a published author, a fiction writer or a travel blogger the course will challenge you to the next level. This course was worth more than every penny I spent (and I promise you, I’m not just saying that.)

Check it out! You never know what could happen!!

Tribe Writers with Jeff Goins

Hurry though! The deadline to sign up for the 2nd round of the course is TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT (CST)

(disclaimer – links are affiliate links so if you decide on an early Christmas present, you are giving me one too! Happy Christmas!


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