What If…

What if freedom meant our enemies also had freedom?

What if the freedom of your thoughts and beliefs meant those you oppose got their voice?

What if we protected others freedom’s to protect our own?

What would the world, the place around you, look like?  What kind of world would our children experience? How would it be?

This came up at a talk I attended this week. It’s very challenging stuff. I mean, It’s very challenging stuff!! It’s been on my mind since then. It’s something we all ought to think about.

It’s beautiful to think about someone being a champion of freedom, even if that means someone else’s  freedom on a position that you don’t prefer. I find myself marvelling at the thought. It’s beauty incarnate. Inclusive selflessness. It reminds me of this…

Egyptian Christians formed a human chain to protect Muslims while they prayed.

They didn’t suddenly believe in each others ideologies, faith, or practices. They believed in a fundamental humanness, and worth.

Humanity and Love won out that day. Differences stepped aside. Beauty spoke out loud.

People listened. People noticed.

I find myself wondering if this may be the most powerful way to be heard.

The issues are complex. They are scary. They come with a price.

But things like this always are. So, I ask, what if…


6 thoughts on “What If…

  1. Respect is hard. But not impossible if we choose it. You may be onto something with “the most powerful way to be heard.”
    In fact, I find myself wishing the Pres. candidate bashing people and candidates, would read this. I just want to know what they say they’ll do in office, not what everyone thinks of the other candidate!

  2. “What if freedom meant our enemies also had freedom?” Can I just say this reminded me of having free will. We love having free will. But when others exercise their free will and it affects us? Well, that’s a different story.

    I sat in a murder trial. No, I wasn’t on the jury. There was no jury. It was the choice of the person charged. I was family. Family to the victim.

    I sat there and witnessed what free will looks like played out. You see someone can take their free will and freely choose to hurt someone. In this case kill someone. And it effects all of us.

    Lives are changed by the decisions of some. Changed forever.

    Just wanted you to know this took me to a place of remembering. And that’s good.

      • Thanks Stacey. I’m sorry so many people have to go through it. I was part of a homicide group. I felt safe enough to process so many feelings. I felt privileged to be part of that group. I thought I would start when when I moved 3 hours away to Peoria. When you lose a loved one to homicide you are part of a club you never asked to join.

        I love our Tribewriters group.

      • This is so true Anne. While I’m not a part of the group you’ve had to experience I can very much relate to that statement in my own life! It’s never easy. Thanks for sharing this with me here.

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