Still Living & Even Doing Some Stuff.

Well, I’m still living. 🙂

The internet did get fixed. It was even faster than they said it would be (which is a rarity here)!

I’ve been staying busy the last two weeks with a new writing course I’m a part of. It’s an 8 week event. So far it’s been great.

Since writing is something that I’m pursuing this year I thought that I’d start sharing some of my pieces here.

In fact, I’ll share the pieces and you can offer any feedback: good, bad, and hopefully not too ugly, that you have.

Being a writer is a process. I’d like to share that process here with you guys.


starting on Monday,

each week, (oh the commitment!)

I’m going to share a piece, or part of a piece, something that I’ve been working on. You can like it, LOVE it, see it as a work in progress, offer feedback, dislike it, hate it even. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and having you be a part of this journey as I continue to discover my voice in this crazy beautiful world of ours.  See you Monday!


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