Worth Paying A Little More For

I like to take surveys online. I know it’s a little cheesy. but I enjoy it and earn some fun rewards as well!

One of the questions that comes up on these surveys about products is, “Is this something worth paying a little more for?” When I saw this question today it got me thinking…

What is worth paying a little more for? Happiness? Money? A life free from worry? Health? Or how about a life being true to who you really are? Or still, maybe it’s that designer piece of furniture you’ve been drooling over for a while now.

What would be the price? To have money, maybe you’d have to work so hard that you’d miss out on time with loved ones. Or maybe to have happiness and love the cost would be missing out on the time it can take to build a successful career. Whatever it would be there is a cost though. And it all depends on whether it’s worth it to you.

So, what would be worth paying a little more for to you?

For me? Well, as I think about it, I think that I’d be willing to pay more for a life in which I can be completely comfortable in my own skin, being me.
One way that I am paying for this is in living in a culture not my own. At times it’s been very costly. Being away from families, learning a new way of thinking and listening and communicating, or just trying to find the right light bulbs, it has cost something. And it has at times been tiring. Other times it’s been joyous. Sometimes it’s both tiring and joyous all at once! But I wouldn’t ever trade it. It’s making me more of who I am. In my book it’s been worth paying more for.

So let’s hear your story. What is worth paying a little more for in your life? Anything goes!


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