Writing Challenge Day 4

Share something publicly you’ve never shared before….

Writing poetry has always, if I’m honest, been a first love for me when it comes to writing. Sometimes I tell myself what others say, that poetry isn’t lucrative, fiction is. However, if I’m sitting and brainstorming ideas eventually a poem will find itself on the page. I love the imagery and play that you have with words in poetry. Pushing the boundaries of language and expression is something I rarely get tired of doing. If you knew me you’d know that pushing certain kinds of boundaries when it pertains to the “norm” is even something that may possibly make me part of who I am.

So here’s something that I’ve never shared with another soul in this world. It’s still a work in progress. (crossed out insecure qualifier here.) I’m not looking for anything in return only that you’re eyes would read and your heart and mind would feel and muse.

Damp Hearts

 Damp like the water on this windowpane.

Wipe it off only to fill up again.

Sun shines

Still wet before it goes grey, so easy to forget

This greyness permeating,

Hindering the drying light, the air, to breathe

Damp hearts.


The damp has taken hold and it doesn’t let go.

It holds onto this grey

Acting like it’s always been there

As if it belongs

Pulling things into its damp heart.

Cool. Grey.


Mocking the chances that come with the light.

Saying, “Just dive in, this is what it’s meant to be. Stay. Grey.”

It listens to the grumbling.

Ignoring the possibilities.


But the light.

The light, it pokes through.

The light steals back.

What it already has.

It remembers.

Light steals the damp.

Dries it up and makes possibilities.


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