Writing Challenge Day 1

So here we go…..

Writer I am a. I am a writer. Am a writer I. A Writer I am. 

No matter how much I put it away. Either from sheer laziness, or from having babies, or from tiredness or tragedy at the end of the day I still can’t forget about it. My husband says that I’m more alive when I’m writing. It’s true. I’m a more complete person. A better person. The ways that I can express myself when I write are so much…more. More than when I communicate in any other way. Except maybe in feeling, but how do you really communicate in feeling anyway?!

So. Here I go today with this writing challenge as a way to be held accountable to writing and as a way to kick start what I already have going. I think that I can do it but I’m afraid of where it might take me and the work that it takes (although once I start it, it feels like breathing the freshest air!)

I am a writer.

A writer I am.

Am a writer I.

Writer I am a.

Now that makes me smile. =)


3 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Day 1

  1. I wish I knew we were this alike when we lived closer together. Everything you write here – including but not limited to the exact words your husband says – is true for me, as well. So I’ll give this a go, too. 🙂

  2. It does feel like your emotions and communication are more open… more raw when one is writing. That private communication between you and the page, between you and yourself, the one that hasn’t been unleashed to the world, it’s beautiful and yet, we all seem to struggle with accepting that beauty. Look forward to seeing more from you as the challenge goes on! 🙂

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