Isn’t it interesting how things can change when we look at them with a new perspective?!Perspectives

Each year brings with it new goals; some new dreams and desires. Each year that passes also gives us new perspectives. Some are of those are positive things, some are skeptical and some even negative. What I hope for this year for myself and for all of us is that we gain more perspective on who we TRULY are.

That we be ourselves…

Laugh uninhibited…

Cry freely when we are sad…

Forgive ourselves when we mess up, or fail at our goals… (because, yes, it’s gonna happen!)

Forgive others when they mess up and fail… (because, yes, that’s gonna happen too!)

And that we take more time to…

Spend more time with the people we love.

Doing the things we love.

What do you think?

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I Need A Name – The Drafts

The DraftsI’ll be honest. I’ve been having a hard time lately. It seems when there are certain challenges going on in my life I find other things that normally are very enjoyable to me, overwhelming. This is where I’ve been at with posting lately.

But by no means are things here, or YOU, forgotten!

So, back to The Drafts.

On a very happy note, I’ve submitted a short story to two journals. Now I will wait the 11-12 weeks to hear a reply. Since it’s the first I’ve done this I’m holding things very loosely. Mostly I needed to do it to have the experience of submitting a creation of mine for unknown eyes to read (and evaluate). That’s worth a lot to me no matter what the outcome!

Today I’m going to share the opening of a short story I’m working on. It’s very new and it’s already been causing me a lot of tension. I’m hoping that’s because it’s going to be important. Again, time and putting in the effort will tell. 

It still needs a name. Leave a comment giving your suggestions! It will be a challenge with just this little peek but that will make it all the more fun!

Also, tell me what you see when you read it. What do you imagine the main character to be like? What does the apartment look like? Where do you think the story is headed?


He didn’t need anyone to lay next to him most nights. His heart was full. It didn’t matter if she was near or far. It didn’t even matter that she didn’t know this. He loved her. And each day of doing that was enough to fill him for the next. Sarah was the most beautiful creature. She was strong and virulent. She felt things greatly and inside out she was wonderful. There was nothing about her Luck didn’t love. Each day with her made him a better person; more whole, more complete. He would never forget the day he met her. She’s been walking down the road. He’d been walking down the road at the same time and came upon her since he’d been walking faster than her. They both turned to go into the coffee shop to their left. She’d gotten to the door first and was attempting to open it. He’d been able to reach out and hold the door for her.

“Well, aren’t you the Renaissance man. It’s not like I need you to do that for me or anything,” she’d said. He had smiled and she walked right through the open door.

That day had changed everything for him. Was it love at first sight? He wasn’t sure. But he was sure he was now different now. It was at that moment that he’d felt himself start to become more himself. His true self, there all along, but had lain stagnant since the times he’d had to set it aside to survive. Sarah was fire. Or better put, she was the heat source.

Stretching Luck got out of bed, pushed the curtains open and opened every window in the apartment. He loved morning air. It was the first air, the freshest air. Humming along as he went, he showered, dressed.

“What the hell Luck!”, His roommate said coming into the kitchen, “It’s freezing in here! Close some of those damn windows!”

“Don’t you just love the first air in the morning?”

Ooooh No!” We are NOT having this conversation again! Close the damn windows before we all freeze to death!” James said as the door to the bathroom closed behind him.

Making some toast for himself he took in the sun streaming in the windows. It wasn’t sunny everyday but when it was the apartment lit up inside. It was sunny the day he’d viewed the apartment and was probably the main reason he’d bought it. He finished his toast and then for James’ sake, he closed the windows. All but the one right outside the bathroom door.


Talk to me in the comments!

See you there!

Ode to Regular People Who Endure Construction

We have new neighbours. For months, the house we share one wall with has sat empty as it was going through the selling process. For months we enjoyed knowing that we could be as loud as we wanted and no one would hear a thing. As of last week…that’s changed.

They haven’t moved in yet but in the last few days there has been a whole lot of demolition going on. Walls have been taken down. There’s been hammering, sawing and a LOT of banging. All the wonderful things you can do when you have your own new house.

This has all been a new side of things for me. You see, for 17 years, I lived in a construction zone. It’s how I grew up. I’m used to having the sledge-hammer, or even just a regular hammer, in my hand.

1992 – I think that’s actually a pick axe but you get the point.

All my life the sounds of saw blades on wood, hammering, and heavy machinery equipment were soothing sounds, and tunes of adventure.

1987 – another, yes this is not the first, home addition. Room and second basement room below. This was also one month before my baby sister was born. It was never boring!

Today, I’m on the other side of the wall, a very thin wall. I’ve never been on this side before, so close yet having nothing to do with it. It’s not so fun either.

It’s giving me new perspective for all those people I’ve listened to over the years as they’ve told me how stressful their remodel was on them. All the while I was thinking that it could not possibly be that bad since my own house currently had only a timber frame for it’s front wall and anyone could walk through it into my house. Or that it just isn’t the same as watching rain pour down through the light fixtures, into your living room, because that day a crane had come and used it’s claw to demolish our roof, and despite the tarps we put down, (my dad still had to put up the new trusses, so we could even build a new roof) rain is pouring onto and through what yesterday was the second level, and we’re putting buckets all over the place trying to save the flooring in the middle of the night. It couldn’t be as bad as that, could it?

My family didn’t have a lot of sympathy for those people. We tried to listen but all my parent’s energies were taken up surviving their whole crazy thing while working and raising a family in the midst of it.

Nov 1986 – a digger we hired to aid in the building and finishing of a 12 foot retaining wall my dad built.

It sure is another story being on the other side. The whole house is rattled as someone next door was knocking down a wall. It rattles you. It even rattled our wine glasses high up in a cupboard two rooms over. It gave us headaches and the kids were cranky. It was very draining!

It’s a lot of hard work even when someone else is doing that work!  In fact, I’d say it’s more difficult to endure if you are NOT the one doing the hammering, demolition, or construction. When you’re the one doing it the noises don’t seem to get to you. It’s like a driver in the car who doesn’t feel the bumps as much since she’s holding onto the wheel.

Living on the other side of the wall is giving me a new sympathy for the rest of the people out there who are fortunate enough to have others to do the heavy lifting to finish a project in a semi reasonable amount of time. And while it may not be a rebuild, or take years, it still takes a lot out of you. It is a legitimate life disruption while it’s happening. And it’s stressful!

So, I lift my hammer, in acknowledgement and solidarity, to all of us who get headaches when our neighbours do construction of any kind. May we soon hear pounding no more.


I believe in beginnings.

I believe in love,

I believe in hate,

I believe in satisfaction,

I believe in greed,

I believe in light,

I believe in darkness,

I believe in more,

I believe in less,

I believe in beauty,

I believe in ugliness,

I believe in hope,

I believe in destruction,

I believe in dreams,

I believe in failures,

I believe in rest,

I believe in turmoil,

I believe in life,

I believe in death,

I believe in truth,

I believe in lies,

I believe in fullness,

I believe in loss,

I believe in best effort,

I believe in deceit,

I believe in heat,

I believe in coldness,

I believe in more,

I believe in less,

I believe in endings.

-Stacey Covell

The string that pulls me up. The Marionette.

Writing to me feels like a string that pulls up from within the centre of me. Like lifting up the marionette and bringing it to life. And from that view the world seems a little bit brighter, the air a little bit fresher and life is just….more.